Armstrong’s prayers had been answered seven years after the murder of Lorenzen Wright on Nov. 9, 2017.

Performing on a tip, Memphis Police went along to a pond in Walnut, Mississippi. Here, within the murky clay that is red, they discovered a weapon thought to be utilized in the killing.

James Brown: exactly just How uncommon could it be to get a key bit of proof some seven years later on?

Toney Armstrong: that is the needle into the haystack. They discovered the needle within the haystack. …and for them to help you to recoup that weapon is — is a fairly feat that is remarkable.

Although, Kelvin Cowans had separated with Sherra Wright, he thought she could be pleased as soon as the weapon had been discovered. But he don’t have the response he expected whenever she was called by him to commemorate.

Kelvin Cowans: I state, “Hey, law enforcement have inked this neat thing. They found the gun that killed Lorenzen.”

Kelvin Cowans: We got in the phone and she was not delighted about any of it at all, and –

James Brown: Really?

Kelvin Cowans: –and that bothered me. That — that has been whenever I first began to think that, do you know what, perhaps We haven’t been evaluating grief, you realize, all of this time. Possibly i am evaluating shame.

After locating the weapon, the situation took an urgent change. On December 5, police arrested Billy Ray Turner in a convenience store in Collierville, Tenn.

Marc Perrusquia: it had been just like a surreal moment, actually. I am talking about, because, you realize, we kept hearin’ these plain aspects of Sherra. …And chances are they arrest this person Billy Turner, whom no body ever even been aware of.

James Brown: who’s Billy Ray Turner and exactly how does he squeeze into the truth?

Toney Armstrong: If he could be whom this research claims that he’s — he is a murderer. …he’s a murderer that is cold-hearted.

Billy Ray Turner Memphis Police Department

Billy Ray Turner ended up being then a 47-year-old landscaper. He took care of Sherra Wright’s yard and ended up being additionally a deacon at her church.

Marc Parrusquia: A lotta individuals, if they discuss Billy Ray Turner, their friends and … congregants around, they state, “Hey, no. They got not the right man.”

However they might not have understood that Turner can also be an ex-convict whom served time for kidnapping and assault over 2 full decades ago.

Dr. Bill Adkins | Lorenzen’s mentor: As far as Mr. Billy Ray, We have never met him, do not know him. But i recognize that Sherra is very effective at manipulating a guy.

Kelvin Cowans: Sherra may be the variety of individual where she can cause you to get leap down a bridge, get right back up, go backup here and leap once more, OK.

After Turner’s arrest, Sherra and Cowans talked by phone once again.

Kelvin Cowans: …she had been telling me personally that the news had been hounding her for a special concerning the choosing for the weapon together with arrest of Billy Ray Turner, and I also had been like, “Why do not you will do it, you realize. It is abnormal maybe not it,” you realize, and she actually is like, “Well, they truly are simply going … to twist my terms. to do” …I said, “The public desires to hear away from you Sherra,” you understand … and she just was not — she was not along with it.

Fundamentally, it had beenn’t as much as Sherra Wright.

KCAL INFORMATION REPORT: Memphis police simply announced Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife is currently faced with murder.

Ten times after Turner’s arrest, Sherra had been taken into custody in Riverside, Calif.

Sherra Wright Memphis Police Department

Back Memphis, despite all the rumors, the news evoked mixed emotions.

Kelvin Cowans: Tough, actually tough. …I simply sat here.

James Brown: Reasoning?

Kelvin Cowans: simply …”how may you? How will you?”

Phil Dotson | Lorenzen’s friend: She had been arrested and our globes had been simply inflated.

Gayle Rose: …there’s some element of me, to be truthful to you, that does not desire to think that, and just can not, can not take that in.

Memphis authorities didn’t state why they arrested Sherra Wright, but seven years that are long the murder of Lorenzen Wright, they finally got their suspects.

Deborah Marion yells in court: how may you murder my son? That is what we found just know just exactly exactly how!

Toney Armstrong: your way has led you straight back towards the person who ended up being allowed to be since close to him as anyone, and that had been their spouse. Therefore it is possible for someone to express, “Well, the– the most obvious suspect ended up being immediately prior to you the entire time.” …But glance at it in a good light. …you can fundamentally say which they never ever quit. …the investigators that took part in this research — must certanly be celebrated, you understand, at this time. …there’s nevertheless an incident become tried in court.


WREG INFORMATION REPORT: the wife that is former of celebrity Lorenzen Wright appeared at an extradition hearing … today. Sherra Wright faces a cost of first-degree murder for their death.

Following the arrest of Sherra Wright in December 2017, the Memphis court of general public viewpoint appeared to started to its very own summary.

James Brown: do you believe Sherra Wright killed Lorenzen Wright?

Phil Dotson: we hate to state this, nonetheless it may seem like she did.

Dr. Bill Adkins: I Really Do. … i do believe Lorenzen ended up being killed for the money.

Kelvin Cowans: I think she did, and that is difficult to state.

Sherra Wright in a Memphis courtroom on Jan. 25, 2018 WREG

On Jan. 25, 2018, the real court of Shelby County weighed in. Sherra Wright had been extradited from Ca to Tennessee, where she starred in court within an orange jumpsuit, arraigned for the murder of her ex-husband.

Deborah Marion: to reporters on Feb. 26 this really is difficult, but i am glad. We’ve been waitin’ for seven years with this.

Sherra Wright and Billy Ray Turner had been faced with first-degree murder , tried murder and conspiracy. Assistant District Attorney Paul Hagerman is regarded as Shelby County’s most readily useful prosecutors, but he is wanting to handle expectations.

Prosecutor Paul Hagerman to reporters on Feb. 26: Two defendants, many years, cool instance for a long time and years. It is challenging.

Billy Ray Turner has hired John Keith Perry Jr., a professional protection lawyer having a record that is good.

John Keith Perry Jr. to reporters on March 19: their family members’ a Christian family members. They have been steeped in faith. And additionally they know during the — at the conclusion of the time — they have the belief that is strongest in addition to we that Mr. Turner may be exonerated by the end.

Sherra now has two court appointed solicitors: Juni Ganguli and Laurie Hall.

Wright and Turner pleaded simple to all or any costs, however the indictments unveiled two claims that are startling. One, a murder that is previous by Wright and Turner.

Marc Perrusquia: …supposedly, a couple weeks him, they tried to kill him down in Atlanta before they actually killed. …they really state that Billy Ray Turner was at Lorenzen’s house…

While the 2nd claim? A 3rd individual had been included — a person who claims to possess held it’s place in on it – a co-conspirator that is unindicted.

James Brown: you think that some body understands, has understood, whom the killer or killers had been but has simply held on the information?

Marc Perrusquia: Yes, I Really Do. …How did they find this weapon within the pond? I am talking about, i have heard tales about this. …who knows just just what and exactly how all of it fits together.

Kelvin Cowans: no body really wants to started to a understanding that a mom without any background that is criminal mom of seven of his young ones, could be involved with their murder. No body would like to believe.

At a relationship hearing in might 2018 arrived a stunning revelation: the prosecution identified the co-conspirator that is alleged. Their title is Jimmie Martin, a convicted murderer presently serving amount of time in jail. He is additionally Sherra Wright’s relative.

Martin claims it was he whom plotted with Billy Ray Turner and Sherra to destroy Lorenzen Wright — first in a aborted effort in Atlanta –

Prosecutor Paul Hagerman: … which they had been likely to Lorenzen Wright’s household in Atlanta, Georgia, to murder.

– after which in Memphis.

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