These include olive tree wood

The wooden beads are made from several types of wood. These include olive tree wood, sandalwood, bayong, rosewood, ebony and more. These are easy to use and can be passed from cord or wire very easily as they have got holes sufficient for wires and cords to pass.

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That means drag shows (Diego Gomez, a visual artist who also performs as Trangela Lansbury, is a cofounder of Noman) and live music (a partnership with Death Records is under discussion, after Danby helped out at Deathstock, the label’s music festival in Guerneville last month). And hot dog and sausage food truck What’s Up Dog is able to park on the asphalt at other times. A few times a week to pay the rent while working on passion projects.

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The staff will work from home, till the building is adequately disinfected and is declared fit for re occupation. The structure is where there are multiple flats or different floors, then there is no need to seal the entire building as per the infection control guidelines. However, all the flats or floor have to remain under observation, and people should watch out for symptoms, said Dr T Jacob John, senior virologist, former head of department, Christian Medical College, Vellore..

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