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Keep in mind that mobile customers will use a smartphone to view your website, and these people may have difficulty navigating. If you are wondering if applicitly.com has enough experience with mobile marketing you should check how long they have been around. Your mobile marketing proposal should be simple, and if it is simple on a computer, those using a mobile device will have an easy time viewing it.

What Samsung and Jay-Z did together will change the way artists approach marketing. Jay-Z gave his album to Samsung. Samsung distributed the album. That is why Jay-Z was in their commercials with all the best producers of this generation. Now, here is the cool part. Samsung did, indeed, distribute the album yesterday. It is the WAY they did it that is innovative. Fans all over the world did not have to wait for a leak(when an album comes to the internet prematurely) or wait at their local Best Buy for the album. Samsung distributed the album through a free mobile app reviews on Samsung S4s around the globe. An album as an app? Welcome to 2013 Social Media Marketing 101.

A mobile website gives you a marketing edge. People are buying more and more smart phones that are able to effectively read mobile websites. Mobile searches give results by prioritizing local companies. Meaning that if you search using a phone, you will get different results when in New York and in Los Angeles. In addition, Google is able to detect the type of phone being used Read the Full Posting fyber reviews visit the site for the search. And will give priority to websites that will be read best with the device.

If you are using printed ads as part of your marketing campaign, don’t forget to add a QR code to each and every ad, so those with smart phones can quickly and easily access your site. If you are trying to build up a base of readers with smart phones, you may want to try giving away prizes or doing special deals for those who access your site with a smart phone.

Bulk text message marketing is about as simple as promoting your investment business as it gets. It is easy to set up and manage yet also delivers high response rates. It’s a great pick for real estate investors who want to get their phone ringing without having to cram in endless on hours on outbound calls.

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